With dreams and ambition, and who was to say their achievements wouldn’t exceed expectations? Bing, the giant Scot, carved out a home in the mountains, while the immigrant from Rhodes searched for the golden bonanza that would set him up for life. Even the recalcitrant Irishman, once he avoided the Paddy Wagon, could appreciate the opportunities being presented in this exciting new frontier.

All three protagonists are exclusively committed to this particular page-turner. However, personal appearances on late night talk shows will be considered, should the incentive be rewarding enough.



Samuel Viper aka Sammy the Snake is not a nice person; nor his compatriots, Dom the Cat and Tony the Toothpick. It is fair to say that they contribute equally to the lawless background that distinguishes “Be Dead and Be Damned” from lesser lily-livered tomes. No punches are pulled as the mafia and other degenerates reach out for your understanding and approval. On the other hand, you might side with the horny honey from Homicide and her boss. It’s that kind of a book.


the cool dude from homeland security!

His name is Calvin Swift and having to deal with disagreeable aliens is just part of the job. Keeping America safe is one thing but now the whole world is in peril and he’s the guy most likely. His relationship with delightful behavioural scientist Alicia Angelico adds spice to this tale and almost jeopardizes the book’s family rating. Calvin appears exclusively in The Replicants.


Paddy Pest is Australia’s foremost super-sleuth and chick magnet. If you don’t believe me, just ask him. On top of that, his success rate transcends believability. If you have a sense of humour you won't want to put these books down, so don't wait for your retailer to mark them down. Not that anyone would want to enrage Mr. Pest in such a manner. Paddy appears exclusively in Pest Takes a Chance, The Lady on the Train, Pest on the Run, The Hero of Hucklebuck Drive and The Snoodle Contract.

the lady with the lovely lumps!

Many reputable writers have already immortalized their favourite sleuth, from Philip Marlowe to Sam Spade. Even Maxwell Smart fits the legend, although he isn't as smart as PI Patrick Pesticide. Paddy Pest is completely indestructible, totally irresistible to women, sometimes inept and always politically incorrect. His adventures take him all around the world, often with his beautiful long-suffering companion by his side. Stormy Weathers is a covert agent with Australia's foremost intelligence agency and is always getting the gumshoe out of trouble. It’s Paddy and girl-power against the combined forces of evil and those who would harbour ambitions of world domination. Stormy is featured in Paddy’s People and supplies peripheral support in many of his yarns.


You’ll meet them all. From the delightful French gendarme Yvette Baguette to the mysterious Russians—Gregoria Killanova and Nadia Nickoff: the minx from Minsk. Can you recognize Angelina in the line-up? There’s no end to the people that Paddy knows, or thinks he knows.