What the reviewers are saying

I was completely absorbed in the narrative, in the author's unique, inimitable style, and the writing that conjures up powerful images in the minds of readers. I read this novel from cover to cover, and was utterly immersed in the action.

Christian Sia
Readers’ Favorite

Citizen Vain is a great piece of literary work featuring well-crafted stories with focused scenes and unpredictable endings. Readers will adore Burke’s beautiful prose and history telling skill.

Kim Calderon
The Book Commentary

Gerry Burke provides the reader with everything the crime spoof genre has to offer. The writing style is terse and the read is quick. No drawbacks.

Henry Baum
SP Review

He has a well-furnished mind, an ingenious intellect, and a prodigious vocabulary dedicated to making readers laugh.

Joe Kilgore
U S Review

These humorous short stories will beguile you, entertain you and make you chuckle.

Raymond Mathiesen
Ray Mathiesen Reviews

This is the novel your funny bone’s been looking for.

Joe Kilgore
U S Review

An adeptly developed historical novel with fascinating characters, humorous details, and riveting scenes.

Edith Waimiru
Readers' Favorite

An eclectic, ingenious, hilarious collection!

Prairies Book Review

The prose is rapid-fire, and unlike some humorists and comics, Burke has an extensive, high-quality vocabulary that he's obviously not afraid to use.

Kate Robinson
U S Review