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Here in Australia, we have "the big banana," "the big pineapple," "the big prawn," etc. On my last book tour of California, I discovered "the big pizza." Certainly, this franchise is miniscule, compared to all the Mexican fast food outlets in the area, but what a venue for reading one of my short story compendiums. You order a glass of Chianti, wait for the pizza to be cooked in their hot oven, and reach the climax of a story as you lick-up the left-over crumbs from your dinner. How good is that? The latest page-turner from yours truly, "My Book of Revelations," is written with your time restraints in mind. However, if you don't finish the story before you leave the restaurant, you can finish it while driving home. However, watch out for traffic lights and the police. They just love booking folks with garlic breath.

Written by: Gerry Burke
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