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And another closes. Sorry to hear that
James Bond is suffering incurable cirrhosis
of the liver, and that Maxwell Smart and Ninety-Nine
have gone into a retirement village. My lovable rogue
protagonist Paddy Pest frequently out-polled these
two crime-fighting giants in the annual CIA
(Criminal Investigators Awards) knees-up in New York.
Certainly, the award for the most inept secret agent was
always a thrilling tussle between Max and Paddy.

A few years ago, I subjected Mr Pesticide to the most
ignominious fate; I put him on the shelf to gather cobwebs.
However, given the current lack of competition from the
afore-mentioned, it may be a good time to resurrect
God’s gift to women. I have it on good authority that
Stormy Weathers still remains attractive and unmarried.
Could they possibly get together once again and cause
havoc amongst those who consistently delight in dreams
of world domination?

I’m not sure but maybe. As many of you would know, Paddy
and Stormy started out in a short story format (and loving it)
and then moved on to the big picture. I’m also slowing down,
and may take time-out from my usual one-book-a-year
schedule. The answer is more short stories over more time.
Of course, if you rush out and buy my books, I may
accelerate the process. Let me know what you think. If you
haven’t caught up with Paddy, he features exclusively in
Pest takes a Chance, The Lady on the Train,
Pest on the Run, Paddy’s People,
The Hero of Hucklebuck Drive and The Snoodle Contract.


Written by: Gerry Burke
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