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Meet my first Book Club members in France. It was quite a few years ago and I had to overcome a bomb scare to be there. In those days, Paddy Pest was very much to the fore and these expatriots were hungry for any kind of literary stimulation that was written in English. Because I was wearing orange, they thought I was talking about Buddha Pest, but after I had plied them all with the local vino, they decided that these yarns might be worth reading. I hoped my Aussie vernacular would somehow pass muster.

As it turned out, Paddy (The Lady on the Train) saved the whole garlic industry, for which the French president was eternally grateful, and the gumshoe was stiff not to be awarded the Legion d'honneur. the short story entitled Le Mort Noir was quite remarkable in that it was possibly the only narrative to ever feature Vegemite so prominently. It is pertinent to mention that the delightful gendarme Yvette Baguette also owes her current popularity to the writer, who graciously included her in this tale of conspiracy and intrigue.

Over the next few months, I will be trying to drown myself in those fond memories which have taken me around the world and punctuated my literary journey. Of course, there are marketing implications, as well. If you haven't read The Lady on the Train, surely you will now want to. Patrick Pesticide was also involved in the number of French adventures in an earlier volume Pest Takes a Chance.


Written by: Gerry Burke
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