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It’s time to own up.

Of the ten books that I have written, the above remains the most popular. When I wrote it in 2012, it wasn’t such a big deal. Then Paula Hawkins wrote her best-seller, “The Girl on the Train,” in 2015 and my sales took-off.

Sure, one doesn’t always get what they think they are getting, but isn’t this an indictment on one’s concentration span? People are not paying attention. I experience this every day, especially with communications via mobile phone. I continually get requests for clarification for something that was unambiguously included in my message. Then there is the matter of interpretation. You really do need to spell everything out in detail because it is sometimes difficult to foresee theway some folks will interpret your instructions.

Unfortunately, software manufacturers try to make things easier by trying to anticipate your needs in their new upgrade, but change only confuses us. That’s why I hate upgrading. They also seem to think we need more details about their products, which we don’t.

Incidentally, finding a unique title for a book is hard work. The first “The Girl on the Train,” was published in 1910 but Paula’s work did merit a 2016 movie; however, not the first. A French film with the same name appeared in 2009. “Lady on the Train” was filmed in 1945. Anyway, back to your attention span. In the above case, a wrong purchase could disappoint. The “girl” is a psychological thriller and an entirely different market to my “lady.”

She is the subject of a short story that is strictly for laughs.

It’s time to own up.

Written by: Gerry Burke
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