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Pest Worx

Last week I was motoring through the hinterland on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, when I saw this sign. I thought to myself “Why did I stop writing Paddy Pest yarns” After all; when something works, why change it?

In truth, there is something in us all that craves change and I believe this is the reason I gave Paddy a rest and embraced new challenges. The first test was to graduate from short stories to full-length novels. For an advertising man used to 60 second commercials, this was a big step. “The Hero of Hucklebuck Drive” was my first novel and Paddy was very much involved, as he was with “The Snoodle Contract.” Who else would be able to save the skin of the US President with such flair and panache?

Along the way my friends congratulated me on my efforts but urged me to write something serious. I responded by writing something completely ridiculous “The Replicants.” The book received the best review ever. Somebody accepted the premise that alien women might have four breasts.

Perhaps I am getting more serious now. My “whodunit” which is called “Be Dead and Be Damned” does boast quite a bit of ancillary humour throughout but it is basically a crime thriller. My next novel is going to be devoid of gangsters, private eyes and dumb broads. Paddy Pest will be shocked.
Pest Worx

Written by: Gerry Burke
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