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Here we go again – another Finalist Award. This time I have been honoured by The Book Excellence Awards in Canada for “Be Dead and Be Damned.” I’ve always liked Canadians and consider them to be discerning people in many areas. And you can’t argue with their contribution to the arts – what an exciting experience to hear a Mountie singing on a horse.

In this instance it’s a three-peat, as “The Replicants” and “The Snoodle Contract” also picked up this award in 2016 and 2017. What pleases me is that I have been able to enthuse in a number of categories – Humour, Mystery, Science Fiction and General Fiction.

I am also delighted that my home-town yarn about death in the world’s most liveable city wasn’t regarded as being too parochial. Perhaps next year I might write a mystery about someone being poisoned by Maple Syrup. I do have some in my larder, courtesy of two dear friends from Ontario.

Written by: Gerry Burke
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