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MELBOURNE A marvellous place for a murder

Or two! There are so many little nooks and crannies where you can bump someone off without fear or favour. It may be the world’s most liveable city but people also die here – quite often.

“Be Dead and Be Damned” pulls no punches and I don’t subscribe to the politically correct world we now live in. In my book the wops do most of the killing and that’s how it was in the sixties. Hello mafia. Lock up your daughters. All the way with LBJ!

I have no brief from the tourist commission but, after reading this yarn, you will definitely want to come here. I’ve only highlighted the killing and nefarious night-time activities – on top of that there is AFL football, The Australian Tennis Open, The Melbourne Cup, many fine restaurants and pristine beaches (you don’t swim in the river because there are too many dead bodies floating by).

All my books are cheap but this one is also inexpensive. If you haven’t yet been to the book page, please go there immediately and click on the thumbnail pic. Your money will then be extracted from you as painlessly as possible. Enjoy February.
MELBOURNE  A marvellous place for a murder

Written by: Gerry Burke
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