My father was Irish. My mother was local but her father was painted with the same Celtic brush. They chose to have me delivered in a small country town called Healesville, later to become famous as the home of the platypus, one of this country’s quirkiest creatures. You can see that I was a photogenic child in my Burke Hall uniform. I told my classmates that my father owned the school and they were silly enough to believe me.

Xavier College was the senior school and I received a typical catholic education before they thrust me into a world of flared trousers and paisley ties. I became an accountant for a mining company and they sent me to New Guinea. Was it something I said?

Bougainville was very pretty and the natives were initially friendly. Eventually, I decided on a change of career and joined an advertising agency as a copywriter. Then a few more! When that was done, I started producing corporate videos and travelled extensively with a small camera crew. I was then working for myself and we all know how that can go. I purchased some racehorses to supplement my income. That went as you might expect.

In fact, it is still going. The number of useless thoroughbreds that have passed through my stable numbers over twenty but we are still good friends. One of them now races in Mongolia. How she picked-up the language I’ll never know.

So, one day I asked myself “What else can I do in this life that will be as equally as frustrating as my past efforts and be just as financially unrewarding.”

Oh, yes, this is how I became a literary cowboy from Oz and it has been fun. The first two books gave the world a glimpse of my take on just about everything and prepared them for the onslaught that was to follow – Paddy Pest.

Paddy has proved to be very popular and boasts fans in many countries. Unfortunately, he did get too big for his boots, so I gave him a holiday and tried my hand at Science Fiction and a genuine whodunit; all good so far.

Below are a few gratuitous pics of my journey. Sadly, I can’t tell you the location of the IRA golf day. However, it was a very pretty course.

Oh! I almost forgot. I never did get married. There were many young ladies (too young, some people said) and I loved them all. However, I always left town when things started to get serious. What a bounder!